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The Dark Knight is the name given of the last Batman film, the comic book superhero who first made the jump to the big screen some time ago.

This time we begin where Batman Begins left off. Set in the city of Gotham where Batman, Bruce Wayne´s alter ego, played by Christian Bale, will face the Joker, played by Heath Ledger, in a struggle that blurs the boundaries of superhero and will leave the viewer stunned.

This great action movie that comes with the sad news that Heath Ledger died just a few months after playing the role of Joker. Although morbidity aside, the action, the characters, the soundtrack and the atmosphere in Gotham City are the best yet in a Batman movie and will keep you glued to the screen for the full two hours or so.

To whet your appetite, and demonstrate your passion for Batman, the Joker and everything that comes with it, here is the official The Dark Knight Screensaver which comes divided into two parts: the first shows Batman looking out over Gotham City through a large window, and the second, with more movement, has a view from the ground looking up, where you see a falling deck of cards with, of course, the Joker.

If you're a fan of Batman, the Joker, or just want to add a touch of darkness to your desktop while it sits dormant, download The Dark Knight screensaver, it's totally free after all.
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